Never Screw Up by Jens Lapidus – Review

Never Screw UpNever Screw Up (Stockholm Noir #2) was published in the US in June and the novel has received some great early reviews:

“A grand-scale portrait of Stockholm’s criminal world that shares James Ellroy’s hyperrealism and Richard Price’s blend of atmosphere and sociology.” Booklist (US)

“‘Svens’ (native Swedes) collide with immigrant groups, from Middle Easterners to ruthlessly organized gangs of ‘Yugos’ and ‘Turks,’ in the gritty second novel in Lapidus’s Stockholm Noir trilogy (after 2011’s Easy Money) /…/ its morally ambiguous characters and rough street argot will compel reader attention to the last page.”
Publishers Weekly (US)

“[Lapidus] sheds light on a rarely seen Stockholm—a city that is a ‘Mecca of thieves, drug dealers, and gangs,’ buzzing with ethnic tensions and social unrest.”
New Yorker (US)

“Amazing. The cleansing violence that swept through Stockholm in Easy Money has left the city no safer for three misfits who seem incapable of heeding this sequel’s title. … there’s no doubt that Lapidus creates a dark world that feels, while you’re immersed in it, like the whole world.”
Kirkus Reviews (US)

“This ambitious, bleak novel is set in a sordid, dysfunctional Sweden, awash in both corrupt police and ruthless indigenous and immigrant criminals. Lapidus is a criminal defense attorney, and his narrative demonstrates authentic criminal argot and mind-sets. … gripping and convincing. Marked by harsh and brash writing, authentic scenarios full of thugs and thug talk, this engaging novel will appeal to readers who like their crime fiction gritty and dark.”
Library Journal (US)

Weekly Lizard, a crime/mystery/noir/thriller website run by Vintage just posted a piece written by Jens, about the case that started it all. Please click the link below to read THE SPARK:



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