Once Upon a Slime by Andy Griffiths – Extract

Once Upon a Slime

1. Bad Mummy & Daddy cartoons


Some of my favourite characters in all of the books that Terry and I have created are Bad Mummy, Bad Daddy and the kid who always asks permission to do something really stupid and/or dangerous. Most normal parents would say no, but I wanted to play with the idea of parents who do the opposite, that is, say yes when they should say no. They then surprise us again when, instead of being upset at what happens to their child as a result of their bad parenting, they simply shrug and say, ‘Oops!’


See if you can match the first frames of these Bad Mummy and Bad Daddy cartoons with the last frames on the next page.



I love creating characters who do or say the opposite to what you would expect and there are many examples of these in my books and stories—especially the Bad Book series. These include the bad dentist, the bad vet, the three bad guys and the bad teacher (pictured below).

Note: Vegetables are NOT bad for you.



Draw your own Bad Mummy cartoon OUAS06

Draw up nine boxes on a page. Think of the most dangerous, silly, crazy thing that a child could possibly want to do. Have them ask their parent for permission to do this crazy thing in the first frame. Then, after some discussion of the possible dangers of the activity, have the parent give in and say yes. Then show us what happens next. Don’t forget to have the parent say, ‘Oops!’ at the end.

Feel free to borrow any of the following titles to get you started:

  • Bad Mummy and the electric fence
  • Bad Mummy and the chainsaw-wielding zombie
  • Bad Mummy and the killer whale
  • Bad Mummy and the poisonous poison
  • Bad Mummy and the cute fluffy bunny rabbit
  • Bad Mummy and the whirlpool
  • Bad Mummy and the stick of dynamite
  • Bad Mummy and the crocodile-infested river
  • Bad Mummy and the very sharp knives

Excerpted from Once Upon a Slime by Andy Griffiths. Copyright © 2013 by Andy Griffiths. Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Terry Denton.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Pan Macmillan Australia solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.


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