The House I Loved by Tatiana De Rosnay – Review

The House I LovedI have just finished ‘The House I Loved’ written by the wonderful Tatiana De Rosnay, one of my favourite authors.

Tatiana is best remembered for ‘Sarah’s Key’.

I enjoyed De Rosnay’s latest so much and I believe she should be taken more seriously in Australia, as her readership abroad tells us so: she was named one of the top 10 fiction writers in Europe in 2010! He writing is sublime. De Rosnay in ‘The House I Loved’ gives a sense of delicacy and a flavour of her beloved Paris, replete with treats for Paris lovers and indeed for anyone wedded to a special place.

‘The House I Loved’ and ‘The Seamstress’ are my fave reads this year. Tatiana De Rosnay and Maria Duenas are not unalike in their writing, as you can see they both share a true passion for story telling.

By Joy McIntosh


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