Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party by Miss Dinkles – Review

Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party

I loved it. There’s lots of descriptive language, for example ‘gurgled’ which is really figurative. It’s tempting and makes you want to read on. Its story is sad and gloomy but happy at the end. It’s a bit of a nature story that tells you how to be happy in life.

The pictures give you a review of the story. The pictures really suit the writing. It would be much prettier with more colour, but the colour appears in the pictures as the story goes along.

I’ll tell you the story.  There’s a lovely girl called Celeste who moves to a new city where she doesn’t feel comfortable and people tease her at school. She goes to school and comes home crying and crying. She finds an old radio in her shed and brings it to her room to keep her company. The next bit is the main bit. She turns on her radio, closes her eyes and lets the music flow around her. Then she feels like she’s floating up into the air into a land of happiness.

She finds a seedling that is struggling to survive so she puts her feelings into it and makes it grow. When she comes home she is feeling so happy and excited about the next day. She goes to the mystical land again with her new friend Nick and they help a lizard to survive. Together they discover that the more people they have, the bigger the seedlings will grow so they decide to have a tea party and invite everybody and the parents all help a lot. Celeste doesn’t feel lonely any more and in the end Celeste is happy in the real world and all the plants grow because she is happy.

It’s such an exciting book. It really is.

By Amber Mann, age 9


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