Until Thy Wrath Be Past by Asa Larsson – Review

Until Thy Wrath Be Past

There is a surprise addition to the psychological crime novel Until Thy Wrath Be Past that I think might interest everyone – a Lovely Bones-style ghost narrator.

The Swedish story starts with a beautiful dead girl who tells us how she died.

Then, we’re thrown into the real world and a great detective story that has a late twist I did NOT see coming! Intermittently, the ghost girl tries to guide the detectives to solve the crime, with mixed success.

The characters are extremely likeable women, but not in warm, soft way at all! The main characters are the Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson who is hot and cold about her lover, the poor guy. Rebecka loves dogs, so all sorts of dogs keep popping up in the story – police dogs, guard dogs, abandoned dogs, and dogs who are witnesses. The detective Anna-Maria Mella is an alpha-bitch, but also a mother of four! You are left really wanting to read the other books in the Rebecka Martinsson series to find out more about their lives.

I might make the story sound like a bit of a mix, but Asa Larsson pulls the various elements off beautifully! I can see why the author is considered Sweden’s finest living crime writer.

The title Until Thy Wrath Be Past comes from the Bible – Job 14:13.

By Jenny Mann


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