The Devil’s Garden by Edward Docx – Review

The Devil's Garden

The Devil’s Garden must, I have found, be read three times. You will enjoy it each time. Trust me.

Read it the first time to find out what happens at the remote scientific station in the South American jungle where the only way in or out is via the deadly river. A British scientist is studying ants when a General and a Judge arrive and wreak havoc.

You’ll race through it just to find out who the spy amongst them is, and how far will the despicable psychopathic captain go.

The British scientist tries to lose himself in his work on ants. He often says, “In the five years since my wife died…” but that’s a lie to avoid his real story.

Second reading: you will have read it again to immediately, to revisit and enjoy all the clues as to who is who in these various jungles — natural, political, environmental and human.

I am so glad I picked this up, because the story of a British scientist in deepest darkest South America didn’t grab me at first, but I am converted! I would like a sequel, too, to find out what happens next and what happened to those left behind in the jungle…

The third time you must read it just to enjoy the Judge character.

Oh, and the facts about ants and their society compared with humans is fascinating!

By Jenny Mann


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